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  All bookings through our website include room and yoga package.  You'll practice with our experienced yoga instructors, join for delicious meals, and be connected with our other guests.  Basecamp is the perfect base (no pun intended) to experience everything the South Coast has to offer.  We're in the heart of it all! 

  We welcome all yoga skill levels from beginners to those who are more advance.  Our experienced instructors create practices that fits everyone.  Guests love it so much they often extend their stay with us.  The longer you stay, the more you improve and settle into the island vibe.

  You can book a package for any length of time (minimum 3 nights during December - April) to suit your travel plans.

Package Offers

  • Delicious complimentary breakfast

  • Daily 75 minute morning and afternoon yoga sessions

  • Comfy rooms to fit your budget

  • Towels and amenities 

  • Indoor and outdoor showers

  • Free water, tea, coffee, and biscuits

  • Free WIFI 

  • Minutes walk to the beach

  • Unlimited petting of our yoga dog

4 Days

Immerse yourself in wellness with our 4-day yoga package. A focused journey that will revitalize your body and spirit, this package offers a condensed escape into tranquility. Unwind, rejuvenate, and discover the transformative power of yoga in just four days.

Starting at 180 euros

7 Days

Our 7-day package is a perfect balance of relaxation and  exploration. Reconnect with yourself, embrace the rhythms of island, and elevate your yoga experience over the course of seven enriching days.

Starting at 360 euros

10 Days

For an extended wellness immersion, our 10-day yoga package beckons. Delve into deeper transformation as you slow things down and settle in, surrounded by the beauty of Weligama Bay. Ten days to explore, evolve, and cultivate a deeper connection to your practice and well-being.

Starting at 540 euros


Morning Yoga

There's no better way to start the day.  Our 8am morning yoga wakes you up mentally and physically.

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