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Yoga in the Jungle

Jungle vibes, ocean views

We are lucky enough to have a spacious garden that wraps around the house, which made it possible for us to construct an outdoor yoga sanctuary on the hill right behind our accommodation overlooking the entire bay.

We believe that practicing yoga with one of our skilled and experienced instructors, paired with the magnificent views of the bay, will greatly benefit your physical and mental health. You can be new to yoga or have done yoga for years, everyone is welcome to join the classes at Basecamp. Our teacher will adjust to everyone that arrived in the shala that day and give options for every level.

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Daily Guided Yoga

Mornings and Evenings

Every day we have two lessons. 90 minutes / 1500 lkr.

– 8 am : Active Yoga (vinyasa flow or hatha yoga)
– 4 pm : Relaxing Yoga (restorative or yin yoga)

Not a guest at Basecamp? You are welcome to drop in. Would you like to stay for our delicious breakfast after the morning yoga?  Only 900 lkr extra. Limited spots available. If you like to be sure of your breakfast spot, send us a quick message on Facebook or Instagram.

Would you like to have yoga included in your stay? Check out our yoga packages.

Yoga packages >>>
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