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Latest Covid Travel Information

Updated: Oct 3rd, 2021.  For the latest info visit 


   There are currently no travel restrictions for tourists who are fully vaccinated.  The government's latest news makes it easy for fully vaccinated tourists to come and visit Sri Lanka.  Enjoy a hassle free holiday! You need to provide the following when arriving in Sri Lanka to be exempt from the quarantine. 

  • A translated or English version of your negative PCR Covid test result.  Test must be taken 72 hours prior to your arrival in Sri Lanka.  

  • A translated or English version of your "fully vaccinated" card or paperwork.  Your last vaccination shot must be administered 14 days prior to your arrival         

  • Onward flight ticket out of Sri Lanka

  • Purchase a Sri Lankan covid insurance (10 euros).  Pay through

  • Upon Insurance payment you will be issued a ‘Tourism Reference number’ which you need to include when applying for visa (visit In the visa form under the section ‘contact details’ and under ‘address in Sri Lanka’ visitors are advised to include this reference number as Department of Immigrations and Emigrations, Sri Lanka (DIE) will check for this information when granting visa approval for all visitors coming under the tourism route.

We still urge all guests to practice standard covid safety measures, wear your mask around others, and maintain social distance when appropriate.

Additional information


   For the most update to date news and additional information such as covid recovered patients, restricted countries, health declaration forms, emergency contact details and others, please visit the official Sri Lanka Tourism Website for more information.

Basecamp Covid Policy


   For the health and safety of our staff and guests we are currently enacting the following policy.

  • All guests must be fully vaccinated 

  • All staff are fully vaccinated and follow local safety guidelines

  • Maintain social distance when practicing yoga and throughout the course of your stay

  • All common areas are properly sanitized

  • All rooms are properly sanitized and allowed to air out after guest checks out

  • All yoga equipment is disinfected before and after use

  • Activities take place outside whenever possible

  • Hand sanitizer available in common area and rooms

  • Protective masks available for all staff and guests

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